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Average Cost Of Dental Crown

Article provided by: Dr. Bernal Soto Dentist Costa Rica

Average Cost Of Dental Crown

There is no way around paying for a dental crown without insurance if you do not want to spend a considerable amount of money. There is no such thing as cheap or affordable crowns without insurance because the procedure is one of the most complicated dental practice. The total cost of a dental crown may differ for each dental facility, and the type of dental crown one receives.

Some areas within the US have more expensive dental practices and will charge more for the installation of crowns. The exact price depends on the condition of the tooth, the material used, and the local rates. An average cost of a crown is approximately between $800 and $1700 for one crown, with additional fees of between $100 and $500. Examination and cleaning procedures may cost $300 on average.

Which services are in the total price?

Getting a crown typically requires two visits to the dental office. The first visit will be for creating a mold of your tooth and the installation of a temporary crown. The dentist will ship the crown to a laboratory so they can create a permanent custom crown that fits your mouth.

The second visit happens two or three weeks afterward and involves the cementing of the permanent crown into place. How much does a porcelain crown cost? The material used for the crown will depend on your preference and the doctor’s recommendation. The options include:

Types of dental crowns and cost

  • Dental composite – One crown costs an average of $320
  • Stainless steel – A single crown will cost between $150 and $250
  • All-resin, porcelain or ceramic
  • Porcelain that contains zirconia – One crown costs between $1400 and $850
  • Metal alloys with gold or base metal alloy will cost between $3000 and $800

You will not need to make a subsequent visit to our office until the crown reaches its maximum peak of durability. You will need to start another payment process after five to fifteen years when you check in to the facility for the new install. Keep in mind that a teenager may have to make several replacements throughout their life; hence it is prudent to work with a dentist who will minimize the frequency.

Can you get discounts from the average cost of a dental crown?


Dental insurance will reduce the out-of-pocket amount you pay for the crown. Here is how the option will influence your finances:

Most forms of dental insurance packages will reduce your annual savings by $1000 to $1500. An average cost that goes over $2000 means you will only pay $1000 from your savings.

It is important to remember that cosmetic surgery may not have insurance coverage. Some insurance firms will have a limit on the amount you receive for the restoration limit. Make sure you ask the carrier about all possible limitations of the coverage before you end up trying to find loans to make up for the difference.


Average Cost Of Dental Crown

What Affects The Average Cost of a Dental Crown?

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Average Cost Of Dental Crown
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